Moanalua Golf Course: It Was Hawaii’s First!

moanalu_golf_courseHawaii is a vacation that should be all about relaxation and just how much time you can spend outside.  How cool is it that there are many, many different golf courses available in Hawaii and that you can relax and be outside at the same time?  The Moanalua Country Club is actually one of the first golf courses in Hawaii and to be honest, it is still dubbed the very best golf course and one of the hardest and most challenging.

This incredible course is tried by many and if you are an avid golfer, you should definitely take a few moments out of your vacation and take a trip to see and play this golf course.  After all, when you are on vacation, what else are you going to do?  Sightsee?  You can not do that all of the time!  You need to get out and be active!

Golfing is a fantastic exercise as well so you will be getting that in if you are worried about your exercise intake when you are on vacation.

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